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Network Marketing Leads – Complete with name, number, email and MLM biz they were in last.

This is a new website “Work From Home” and will be about just that. We are seeking professionals to help develop the site as it grows. It looks like I may just have to do it myself. I am taking my 18 years of internet experience and use it to make a user friendly site for people working from home. I personally enjoy getting on the compute and making websites. Doing website for other people is not what I do. I tried making websites for other people back in the late 90’s. I found people are very picky when they are paying for a website. They would nit pick me to death. That came to a quick end and I went into just doing free websites for people when I wanted to do them. Here is an example of a friend that has a window cleaning business that runs from Baton Rouge t o Slidell LA. His business is on the first page of the search engines in almost all the cities in the area. The last city I am working on is window cleaning Baton Rouge. It is about time I turn the free service I provide into a money maker. This is something to think about when starting your work from home business. If you enjoy what you are doing now as a hobby then you may want to keep it just that. 

Social Sites

Join some social sites with your work from home business name and logo and then learn how to use them. You probably all ready have a Facebook account. That is a good place to start. Just make sure you do not blast it all over Facebook because the friends you have there may unfriend or block your post. Instead start a Facebook page and/or group to use to market your business. Nobody wants to get bombarded by advertisement and this eliminates this issue. Many of us have made that mistake including myself. Facebook has other ways to market your business. That and many other things will be covered on this website in time.

Work From Home Business – Getting Started

Starting a home business can be easy to set up, depending on the business that you are setting up. The business can be almost anything that you want it to be. You may choose to do most of you business online, if so than the first step in setting up a home business is building a website. You will need a name for your home business, then a website address. There are many places that you can go online to check to see if the website address is available or if it is already in use. If the website address is available, then you should purchase the address also known as domain name . Most people start with a domain name that is the same name as their business or the main thing you will be marketing or selling. In my case I started with a domain name close to the name of a popular product.

Work From Home Website

The next step in starting your home business is to make a website. A website is fairly easy to build, but if you are a newcomer to websites, then there are many places that you can set your website up with ease. There are steps that you will need to do to get your website built. Some website companies offer the domain name a website and a website builder. Once you have your website started, then you will want to promote this website. Many individuals who are new to the home business thinks that once they have a website, then they just set back and wait for customers. There is a little more you will have to do to get customers to your website.

Promoting Your Work From Home Business
Work From Home Business Opportunity

Work From Home Business Opportunity

You must promote your website to get it ranked on the search engines. How is this done? One way to get ranked is by using Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is setting up content to put on your website with keywords that apply to your business. The keywords attract the search engine users, then when a user puts in your specific keywords is a search, your website will come up at the top of a search engine rank. The big three in search engines is Google, Yahoo and Bing. This isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, but over time you can get your website ranked. Usually it takes 6 months to a year to get in the top 20 in a search. Usually you will make it to the top 10 in one of these three search engines if you optimize and promote you websites. Promoting consist of getting you website on other places on the internet such as blogs, forums, articles and other online places. This is all part of promoting and search engine optimization.

Starting a home business has steps that must be taken. Once the steps are accomplished, you are on your way to having a home business. A website is just one of the many things that you will need to have to start your home business. Many people start a business without a website and never get a website. Word of mouth and face to face is very important. Studies show that only about 10 to 15% of your business will come from the internet and the rest will come from other places.

This Work From Home site will cover many of the things that fall into the 10 to 15% area. Since this website is on the internet, it will concentrate a lot in that area. Here is an article about flexible telecommuting jobs and it list the top 100 jobs you can do from home with just a computer and a phone. Many big companies are starting to do this with some of their workforce. This illuminates that morning and afternoon drive in traffic vs waking up and working at home.

CVS Prescription Discount Card

CVS RX Prescription Discount Card

This CVS prescription discount card can save some people a lot of money over what they have been paying for doctors prescriptions. This card is set up to focus on the CVS drug Store. The CVS logo is the main one on the card.

You can actually use and print or take a picture of the card below to present to the drug store. The card information will be run through the systems computer and give you what you will be charged. Many people do save money, not all but an 80% savings on a $100 a month prescription brings the price down to $20. That is a savings of $80!!! WOW!!!

Join Patient Rx And Start Getting Paid As A Rep

Click the pictures to get a good print the size of a page.

CVS Preferred Card - CVS Prescription Discount Card

CVS Preferred Card – CVS Prescription Discount Card

As you can see there are other pharmacies listed on the card. This card is good for Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Kroger, DR known as DUANE reade and other pharmacies through North America.

This Is Not Insurance – Discounts Only

This card is pre-activated and gives member discounts through the BIN, PCN, GROUP on the card.

Below is a 2nd card that has Walmart as the 1st provider with their own BIN and PCN code. This can also be printer on your printer and presented to the store pharmacy.

CVS Preferred Card - CVS Prescription Discount Card

CVS Prescription Discount Card

There are other Rx discount cards on the market but these appear to have the best overall savings. I suggest that a person should get as many discount cars as they can and try using all of them. If you have 5 prescriptions that need filling it’s possible that you have savings on all of them. You may use the cards above and find savings on 3 of your prescriptions. The other two prescriptions may be discounted by other cards so if you have 5 different cards then you come prepared. It’s your money and you might as well get the discounts and keep your money in your pockets!

The CVS Prescription Discount Card is made to be used and CVS is printed on the top card in 2 places. It’s meant to be used to give you discounts that you may not be able to get anywhere else.

Other Home Business Opportunities

  1. MLM Recruit On Demand – Get 100 free leads and refill again and again! Complete lead capture system including an auto-responder.
  2. Traffic Ad Bar – trade traffic and websites with other network marketers and affiliate marketers. Make a 35% commissions when FREE members convert to a larger plan.
  3. CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products – Network marketing company with weight management and CBD oil products. Complete line of wellness products from face creams, pain relief creams, sleep aides, energy products and many more items.
  4. Basic Reset Weight Management and Health Products – Basic Reset started as an affiliate program promoting health and wellness products. The company has changed the compensation plan to be more like a network marketing company on steroids and pays out as much as 80%.
  5. Motor Club Of America – MCA sells motor club roadside assistance packages that vary in types of services. Towing plans as much as 100 miles plus vacation and lodging assistance.
  6. Youngevity Healthy Products – Youngevity has a large line of different products from about 20 different network marketing companies that they have acquired over the past 15 years. They keep the best products and have sales on discontinued products. Coffee, whole bean and pods is one of their best selling products along with the Beyond Tangy Tangerine  line of vitamins and minerals.
  7. Traffic Ad Bar – One of the best traffic exchange sites on the internet. As a Platinum member you get a lot for your money plus a 35% commission for others that convert from the free version to a paid version of Traffic Ad Bar. You will have no problem getting a large amount of traffic to your top 10 sites. Between traffic and commissions you should get your money back on a years membership in the 1st 3 months, maybe sooner.
  8. East Hits 4 U –  Free traffic exchange plus splash page builder and rotator. Up grade to get even more services that can be used for SEO and increasing your websites rank. Sign people up for this traffic exchange and get an extra stream of income.
  9. Udium Solo Ads – You earn 15% on all solo orders from your referrals for a Lifetime.



CTFO CBD Oil Home Business

CTFO Pure CBD Hemp Oil Home Business

CTFO is a network marketing company and part affiliate marketing company. Their compensation plan is like no other and there is a patent on its structure. No one else can have a comp plan like this one.  The CBD Oil business is booming and making many people rich at CTFO. They are also free to join plus it does not cost a penny to join. This has got to be one of the best opportunities to come around in years. The author of this article is an associate of CTFO and spent a lot of time researching this company before joining. He just wishes he had of joined 2 years ago when some of his other friends joined for free.

The pictures below tell the story of the company better then I can write about it.

CTFO CBD Oil Home Business

Totally free to join! No monthly auto-ship to pay for, no website fees to pay for. You just build your business and add new people to your business. This is a fast growing business! Sign-up ASAP!

After you join get some business cards and flyers and start passing them out to everyone you meet. Do not leave home without having an idea of what you plan to do as far as your business goes. If you are going to the grocery store you want to have some flyers to put up on their bulletin board. The local hardware store and other businesses let you place business cards on their counter someplace. You need to always be thinking of a way to get people to your website!

CTFO Free MLM Home Business


CBD Oil Product Line

CBD Oil Explained from Bill Elsenrath

I hope these have told some of the story. If you want to learn more or join visit the main company replicated site.
By the way, you get a free company replicated site of your very own. Just click the link below to see it.

Visit CTFO101 to learn more.


Start A House Cleaning Business With No Money

Start A House Cleaning Business With No Money

Simply Clean Watson and Denham Springs LA

Simply Clean House Cleaning Watson LA

There are a variety of home businesses that this can be done with, and numerous books and publications devote space to talking about them. Headlines like “100 Low Cost Startups” prevail in how-to publications. In this post we are going to go over one of these low-cost start-ups: The House Cleaning Business.

Four keys to starting a cleaning business without any money:

The 1st and most important point is that you should not, under any scenarios invest cash up until you really need to. It may sound strange, however it’s an apparent point that individuals miss out on. They think mistakenly, “I’m going into business, so I require a new computer, a brand-new desk, some office supplies, files, cleaning products, a dedicated phone line …”, and the list goes on. This is not just incorrect thinking, its bad thinking. It’s thinking that will cause your business to go broke prior to it even getting off the ground. Do some services need a large amount of money to get started? Sure they do. But a house cleaning service is NOT one of them!

Simply Clean Using A Vacuum Cleaner

Simply Clean House Cleaning Watson LA

The 3rd secret is to utilize totally free methods and resources to obtain your first consumers. For instance, if you are starting a home based cleaning service you may go door to door in an area you ‘d like to clean in. This costs you nothing but your time, and will allow you to not only get your name out there, but to make contact with your prospects and better assess their needs.

The 4th and last secret is to use exactly what you have in regards to supplies and service resources. This suggests that you should take a look around you, and see what can be utilized in your very own home to help you start your company. Do you have a facsimile machine? Great. You have a tool at hand. Do you have a phone? Perfect. Hopefully you get the point here. Just use what resources you have, and if need be, get creative. Discover ways to conserve money.

Use The 4 Key Points Above

Many people make starting a home business complex and under prepare. They totally miss the 4 key points discussed here that are needed to begin a house cleaning business on little or no money. It might appear over complicated, however it’s truly not. If you apply the 4 concepts mentioned here to their max, you will be able to begin cleaning with hardly any money and if you’re smart, probably absolutely nothing. Think through each step ahead of time, and plan how you will deal with one. By doing so you’ll have set yourself up to start a house cleaning business for next to nothing.

Simply Clean Watson and Denham Springs LA

Simply Clean House Cleaning Watson and Denham Springs LA

Simply Clean House Cleaning Service operates out of their house in Watson LA. Start up cost were very low. We made our own website and now show on the internet in Watson, Denham Springs and Livingston Parish. We are just getting started and will add more articles in the future as we grow our home business.


Invest In Gold

How To Invest In Gold

Gold MarketersThe diversified portfolio has a small position in the gold market. For some people to invest in gold implies holding gold coins. Some speculators purchase gold contact futures on the commodity exchange. Future contracts are risky because you are betting that the rate of gold will go higher in the future. The agreement requires a relatively little up front payment, however there can be everyday changes that need you have funds to back the dips in the rate of everyday gold.

The reasons investors have been interested in gold is that the old thinking was that if the stock market was down the gold market was generally up. This thinking has actually ended up being a possibility, however not an axiom of the current marketplace. The weakness in the dollar normally brings a rise in the cost of gold. The existing cost for gold is in the area of $1.345. Prices have actually varied from $1,000 and the present high of $1,350. Traders believe gold could easily go as high as $2,000 an ounce in the next year and even higher.

Investing In Gold Stocks

Purchasing gold stocks and precious metal index funds can be bought through a stock broker. A stock broker concentrating on this sector is extremely important due to the fact that the investment needs smart financial investment advice. Most of the bigger brokerage houses have people that are focused on precious metal stocks and ETF’s.

Noteworthy gold stocks consist of; Barrick Gold Corp, Goldcorp Inc., Kinross Gold Corp., and Newmont Mining. All these gold stocks are presently trading on the upside, but it is a good idea for all investors to make sure these stocks fit their financial investment risk capacity.

There many gold mining stocks on the market. If you have an interest in a small financial investment you can find these penny stocks as low as 15 cents a share. These smaller sized gold mining stocks do bring risk due to the fact that a great deal of overhead goes into making a mining business profitable.

In the past 10 years the price of gold has actually been as low as the $750 an ounce with a high close to $1,800. Considering that in the late 1970’s gold has made huge profits for its holders. The key to owning gold is to understand the various resistance points and to examine the global market for using gold. It is utilized primarily in fashion jewelry, printed circuit board manufacturing and other kinds of electronic manufacturing. Lately, 2017, big central banks around the world have been purchasing physical gold in large quantities.

$5,000 Gold

Investors who sell gold ought to seek the suggestions of an expert that can factor in all the various aspects that effect the price of gold. If you own gold as a hedge versus a weak dollar you should look for any factors that may effect the US dollar. The essential thing to bear in mind is to gauge your investment in gold to a level that you are comfortable. If you bought spot gold at $600 an ounce, you might consider a rise back up to over $1,500 an excellent return. The ride to $5,000 an ounce may be in the making but there is no solid evidence that it will reach that level anytime soon. Many speculators believe that gold and silver will reach the higher targets if the US dollar has problems or if the US government ok’s the use of the FedCoin cryptocurrency.

How Much To Invest?

The range of danger and amount you choose to invest in gold is a personal option. It is always a good idea to look for a specialist or commodity professional prior to leaping into the stock market. The rule of thumb to to only invest as much as you can afford to lose in these types of investments. Buying gold bullion coins and certified bars is looked upon differently. Another rule of thump is to invest no more then 10% of your overall investments in physical gold.

Disclaimer: This article Invest In Gold is for entertainment purposes only and not to be used to make investment decisions. The author wrote this article from recent articles and investment TV shows he has watched. do your own research before making investments.


House Cleaning Business

Start A Cleaning Service In Your Area

House Cleaning Watson, Denham Springs and Walker Louisiana.

House Cleaning Watson Louisiana

Cleaning services are always needed because many moms go to a regular job and have little time to clean their own house. Starting one is easy and the overhead is very low. You can get started for under $200. Purchase basic cleaning supplies, some business cards and use your personal vacuum cleaner. After you clean a few houses you can buy a vacuum cleaner just for your house cleaning business.

Simply Clean by Sarah was started to bring in an extra $1,000 a month into the household. Getting 8 to 10 houses a month to clean will add the extra money our family needs to have the things we need. Our Denham Springs, Walker and Watson cleaning service is within 20 minutes from my house in Watson LA.

Two Primary House Cleaning Market Groups

Regular cleaning services are offered on weekly, or bi-weekly basis. The cleaning industry has two primary market groups: consumer and commercial. The consumer arena consists mostly of domestic maid services, together with carpet cleaners, window cleaners and a variety of other cleaning services needed on a less-frequent basis. The industrial arena is dominated by janitorial services, which generally provide a broader variety of services than maid services, along with other cleaning business, such as carpet and window cleaners that target businesses instead of individual customers.

The service performs a day-to-day cleaning service to nearly any home, and office. They can mop, dust, vacuum, wash, clean up and disinfect up every corner of your home. Not a shallow, cover it up, but a deep, comprehensive, total cleaning.

Cleaning up includes all services generally associated with a house cleaning business, including clearing all trash, cleaning, vacuuming carpet, cleaning mirrors and insides of windows, and cleaning up the bathroom toilet, floor, sink, and shower/bath.

Cleaning up services are offered Monday through Friday. Service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Cleaning services are usually available Monday through Friday on a schedule or as needed service. Usually requests can not be made for same-day service.

The normal charge to clean a 1500 sq ft house is about $100 and goes up from there depending on what is needed. Usually cleaning of windows is an extra charge.