This is a new website “Work From Home” and will be about just that. We are seeking professionals to help develop the site as it grows. It looks like I may just have to do it myself. I am taking my 18 years of internet experience and use it to make a user friendly site for people working from home. I personally enjoy getting on the compute and making websites. Doing website for other people is not what I do. I tried making websites for other people back in the late 90′s. I found people are very picky when they are paying for a website. They would nit pick me to death. That came to a quick end and I went into just doing free websites for people when I wanted to do them. This is something to think about when starting your work from home business. If you enjoy what you are doing now as a hobby then you may want to keep it just that.

Social Sites

Below are some social sites that are good to join when starting a business. Join some and learn how to use them. You probably all ready have a Facebook account. That is a good place to start. Just make sure you do not blast it all over Facebook because the friends you have there may unfriend or block your post. Nobody wants to get bombarded by advertisement. Many of us have made that mistake including myself. Facebook has other ways to market your business. That and many other things will be covered on this website in time.

NOTICE: Social sites have been removed due to misuse from marketers calling and spamming me with all types of information.

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Work From Home Business – Getting Started

Starting a home business can be easy to set up, depending on the business that you are setting up. The business can be almost anything that you want it to be. You may choose to do most of you business online, if so than the first step in setting up a home business is building a website. You will need a name for your home business, then a website address. There are many places that you can go online to check to see if the website address is available or if it is already in use. If the website address is available, then you should purchase the address also known as domain name . Most people start with a domain name that is the same name as their business or the main thing you will be marketing or selling. In my case I started with a domain name close to the name of a popular product called Plexus Slim. The name of my site is just Plexus and seems to be working fine for me. If you are interested in weight loss products then you may want to visit the site at Plexus Slim.

Work From Home Website

The next step in starting your home business is to make a website. A website is fairly easy to build, but if you are a newcomer to websites, then there are many places that you can set your website up with ease. There are steps that you will need to do to get your website built. Some website companies offer the domain name a website and a website builder. Once you have your website started, then you will want to promote this website. Many individuals who are new to the home business thinks that once they have a website, then they just set back and wait for customers. There is a little more you will have to do to get customers to your website.

Promoting Your Work From Home Business

You must promote your website to get it ranked on the search engines. How is this done? One way to get ranked is by using Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is setting up content to put on your website with keywords that apply to your business. The keywords attract the search engine users, then when a user puts in your specific keywords is a search, your website will come up at the top of a search engine rank. The big three in search engines is Google, Yahoo and Bing. This isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, but over time you can get your website ranked. Usually it takes 6 months to a year to get in the top 20 in a search. Usually you will make it to the top 10 in one of these three search engines if you optimize and promote you websites. Promoting consist of getting you website on other places on the internet such as blogs, forums, articles and other online places. This is all part of promoting and search engine optimization.

Starting a home business has steps that must be taken. Once the steps are accomplished, you are on your way to having a home business. A website is just one of the many things that you will need to have to start your home business. Many people start a business without a website and never get a website. Word of mouth and face to face is very important. Studies show that only about 10 to 15% of your business will come from the internet and the rest will come from other places.

This Work From Home site will cover many of the things that fall into the 10 to 15% area. Since this website is on the internet, it will concentrate a lot in that area.


NOTICE: This website is for informational purposes only and not a substitute for professional advise from a professional that specializes in a particular area. The articles in this site are from other peoples experiences and may not work for you. This site is mostly made from personal experiences and trial and error. Sometimes trial and error is your best teacher. Not everything works for everybody!

Work At Home Trend

The Growing Work At Home Trend

Work From Home

Work At Home Trend

Over the last 10 years, especially with the surge of Internet based jobs, there’s been an obvious shift in where and how individuals go to work. The work at home trend is growing with no end in site. White and blue collar along with pink collar employees are leaving their office, desks, cubicles complexes and factories in droves. Many people are leaving in favor of a better way of life, working from home with less commute which leaves them with a lot more time at home.

Many of the big businesses have embraced the work at home way of life. Since with workers working from home, it lowers and/or removes both indirect and direct costs. And surprisingly, working from home boosts people’s productivity and work quality at the exact same time. Direct expenses such as less need for office space and break rooms is apparent. The indirect costs like less employee ill days, less health care needs being claimed, and less staff member burn-out are some of the other benefits employees are finding.

These are a few of the huge factors that the “work at home” trend is hot right now. Another reason the work at home pattern is hot is individuals realize leaving the corporate “rat race” (when thought about a very extreme concept,) is now a really genuine possibility for them.

Work From Home Opportunities

When considering the work at home choice, the huge question these enthusiastic people normally have is this:
“What else can I do that will enable me to work from home and replace the comfortable income I took pleasure in?”. While there are many responses to this question, such multi level marketing, Internet marketing, MLM, commission-based selling and other less-than-attractive alternatives for the typical individual, there are other appealing “work from home” options offered. In other words, where else could the average person work and create a comfortable 6 to 7 figure earnings on your own. This is a big advantage of working from home.

Even big companies, once hesitant to let go of the tether of the time clock, have actually equally embraced the work at home trend. Since with workers working from home, it reduces and/or eliminates both direct and indirect costs. And remarkably, working from home increases people’s efficiency and work quality at the same time.

The Growing Trend To Work From Home

There are few careers or jobs regardless of whether they are work at home or not, that can develop that sort of income and a great way of life. Nevertheless it’s one that being a real estate agent or broker. And lots of people are making the most of it. There are a number of sales jobs that can be carried on from home. Some peoples car is their office. Everything they need for business is contained in their car including a printer and a fax machine.

There are very few professions or jobs regardless of whether they are “work at home” or not, that can create that kind of extraordinary income and great way of life. This work at home trend will probably continue and just keep on growing as technology gets better.


Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim Pink Drink: Does It work?

Plexus SlimWith over thousands of weight control products in the market, there is evidence that at least 95% of them fail. Therefore, by now you should be desperate for something that should definitely work for you. So far, the Plexus Slim Pink Drink offers the best natural slimming solutions because it contains a combination of recommended natural ingredients for weight loss. The drink is not only natural but offers fast results without having to get into strenuous workouts.

What are these ingredients?

The Plexus Slim pink drink main ingredients are chromium, green coffee bean extract, alpha lipoic acid and Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract. These ingredients play significant role in burning excess fat, control of blood sugar and other health aspects that contribute in being overweight.

What do I benefit from taking the drink?

Plexus Slim Pink Drink

Plexus Slim

The Drink focuses on burning excess body fat and not muscle. It also assists in regulating blood sugar levels (very friendly for diabetics). It also assists in keeping lipids and Cholesterol at healthy levels. In fact, it is convenient because you won’t have to replace any of your meals and all you need to do is add the solution to the average glass of drinking water or 12 Ounce.

How do I use it?

Pour the powder into your glass of drinking water and then make sure you take it 30 minutes before any meal or before breakfast, lunch or dinner. It has been clinically proven, has all its ingredients approved and it has been declared safe to use. Therefore, you should expect great results within 60 days. Plexus also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which gives you plenty of time to try out the products. If you are unhappy for any reason , just return and get your refund.


Plexus Slim pink drink is 100% safe to use and more so, you don’t have to cut down on your favorite meals while using this healthy drink. It’s a real time saver especially for anyone with a hectic schedule or anyone who would like to reduce weight really fast but conveniently. If you are looking to make an extra income then Plexus products may be the answer. You can get started for as little as $35. This gets you the Plexus starter kit and a company website.


Health And Fitness

Benefits Of A Life Of Health And Fitness


Health And Fitness - Eat Healthy

Health And Fitness – Eat Healthy

Living a life of health and fitness could appear a big sacrifice however the rewards are absolutely immeasurable. Not only will you be able to appreciate your life a bit longer, you can likewise you can live a longer life while looking great and looking young.

You do not believe us? Below is a run-through of the advantages that healthy and balanced living can provide. Read on and you may be lured to leave the dark harmful side alone.

1. Energetic Body - Eating the best kinds of food and also maintaining your body fit will certainly result to having much more energy which will certainly overflow to your work and also your “play” time. You will be a lot more active and will have a lot more possibility to sparkle in your kind of work. Individuals that are active also stumble upon as more qualified and much more independent. They are likewise viewed as even more friendly, positive and also charming.

2. More Youthful Looking - People who live healthy and balanced are more youthful looking than those who smoke and also consume in unwanted. This is since chemicals in alcoholic drinks as well as cigarettes run out the skin and produce a much more older look. Chemicals in the body likewise lower the nutrients that enter the body, therefore depriving the body of minerals and vitamins that maintain the skin and also various other organs in a healthy condition and also working.

Being youthful looking of course gives you an entire set of advantages, from an exceptional love life to success with career and also in your social life. Everyone enjoys lovely individuals.

3. Clear Thinking - It is not real that chemicals in alcohols and cigarettes and also chemicals can amp up creativity levels. These are really merely temporary and also as researches have actually revealed, just psychological. People who eat and live healthy and balanced are a lot more able to believe plainly. They are much more able to focus on the jobs at hand and also for that reason have the ability to complete much with their job compared to other individuals. They are likewise more dependable when given guidelines and also their memories are usually clear and also excellent.

4. No Disease - People who live a healthy and balanced way of life are well, healthy. They are not prone to illness that can reduce an individual’s achievement levels. Therefore, these people accomplish a lot of what they set out to do. They are not hampered by problems with their health or sessions with medical professionals that they need to go to. These individuals rarely take a leave of absence and when they do, they will certainly usually take a getaway and just relax. They do not take a leave due to the fact that they are sick.

5. Emotionally Secure - Although there really is no direct connection, people that live a life of fitness and health are better. They are able to enjoy their life a lot more and are not distracted by odd behaviors and health problems. They also have much less concerns and also have the ability to deal far better with anxiety. This is possibly since they do not should count on chemicals for managing the difficulties that they encounter. Early, they have actually established organic coping strategies that could aid them to get through the daily work day.


Health and fitness combined

Health and fitness combined

Living a healthy life could lead to a long life. Health and fitness combined is what many of us strive for but find it hard to do for the long haul. Part of your goal will to eat healthy also. Many times having our own home business causes our health and fitness to go downhill. We do not get the exercise we need and end up sitting way too much.


Auto Responders

Build Your Mailing List

Mailing List

Mailing List Tool

Auto responders have proven to be a simple yet powerful tool for any size business. They provide an almost instantaneous response system to questions, queries, online purchases, and more, helping to keep visitors to your web site feeling happy and appreciated.

Many web sites today, and there are hundreds of thousands, are using auto responders to instantaneously answer queries from customers, and potential customers. Whether you are sending out a regular monthly or weekly e-zine, a sales pitch for a service or product, or simply answering questions posted on your site you need to be using auto responders.

With a web based business it is likely you are getting thousands of hits each day. How many of those do you think you could answer by personally typing a reply? Even if you hired a team of people they may not be able to answer all questions within a 24 hour time frame. Even then, you could easily loose a customer as in today’s business world that is 18 hours too long to reply. Customers today expect near instant replies to their questions or queries, and if they don’t get it they are off to buy from your competition.

Auto Responders Do The Work For You

Trying to reply to customers using manual means can be costly, both in terms of time and money. Yet using auto responders can help you save, and even grow your plexus business faster than you can blink an eye. There are many software programs available that make setting up an auto responder so very easy. The cost is far less than it would be if you tried to pay a room full of people to answer emails or send out ezines, and auto responders are much faster.

In today’s business world it only makes sense to use auto responders, to stay alive and ahead of the competition. This technology has become easy enough for everyone to take advantage of, so why not grow your business, grow your future, and have enough time and energy to sit back and enjoy the rewards of smart business. Incorporate auto responders for your web site today.


URL Rotator

Automatically Change Your Links


URL Rotator

URL Rotator

The URL rotator is a simple, yet powerful, tool that can help you better track visitor statistics to your web sites. In today’s business world it is important and vital to understand you your visitors are, where they are coming from, and what they are looking for so that you can direct visitors to your web sites to get the maximum benefits of the click. Easy Hits 4U has a built in roatator that you can use as part of their service. 

What Exactly Are URL Rotators?

As the name suggests, the URL rotator is a tool that allow you to test traffic being directed towards multiple sites you own or control. The objective is to get a good idea in terms of the websites that are actually doing better and seeing more traffic. You can then focus your energies accordingly, such as spending more time on revamping websites that are getting less traffic.

For any online marketer, this kind of testing is absolutely crucial. After all, sales, opt-ins, etc. all depend on traffic being generated. And for you to have an accurate idea of the kind of traffic that is coming onto multiple sites, you need to preferably have a single URL that serves as a rotator towards multiple landing pages.

Modes Of Rotation

The rotator works in various modes including weighted (in accordance with traffic), random (somewhat haphazardly choosing to get to a particular landing page), and sequential (simply going from landing page A to landing page B, and so on). As the owner or manager of your online business, it is your prerogative to choose the mode that works best for you. Not sure what the best mode is for your business? Don’t worry; you can simply test each mode to get a feel for what works best for you.

Value Add-ons of URL Rotators

Some rotators have numerous value add-ons of their own. For instance, you can customize the message that is displayed to visitors even if they are coming from the same link. An excellent example of this would be geographically targeted traffic; using the same URL, traffic from one part of the country (or state or city) could be made to see a particular message, or have a certain option in front of them, which would completely unique and different from what visitors from a different location would see.

These rotators also work very well when you want to share traffic with partners. Let’s say you have 3 different partners to your online business. You could proportionately allocate a third of your traffic to each partner. Of course you can divide up the traffic in other ways as well, to suit whatever type of business agreement you have with these partners.

The true value of advertising campaigns you’re running is also ascertained more accurately with the help of URL rotators; let these campaigns have traffic coming onto your websites via a single, monitored URL before being channeled ahead. In doing so, you will have a good idea of the campaigns that are working, as well seeing the ones that may need some fine tuning (or maybe even the ones that need outright scrapping). The URL rotator is clearly a priceless tool when it comes to analyzing online traffic and determining its true worth for your online business.


Jerky Direct

What Makes Jerky Direct So Popular?

Since time immemorial, people have interacted with MLM in order to boast their income with a part-time and in some cases a full-time business. The goal has always been to find a plan that promises high returns, improves convenience, and also comes with minimal risks. There are several Multi-level Marketing companies continue to rise as the days go by. One such popular company is Jerky Direct. It is loved by many people due to the following reasons listed below.

Natural Healthy Products

Jerky Direct Jerky

Jerky Direct USDA Jerky

It is not a secret that people are becoming more cautious of what they are consuming or using. This is coming at a time when there is an increase in health risks and environmental destruction. With this is mind, Jerky Direct only deals and distributes products that are natural and all-organic. Natural products will contain no artificial additives thereby making them quite safe for use. The organic products will have passed through a series of tests before being accepted in the market.

Jerky Direct Is User-friendly

In line with their company goals, the firm offers several tools to assist a distributor. The main aim is to not only distribute the products effectively, but also improve user experience. A distributor only needs to apply the tools provided in order to enjoy good returns. On becoming a distributor, you are offered an Account Manager, Tools for Marketing, Website, and also training. Such tools go a long way in not only equipping a distributor, but also making him proficient.

Timely Payment From Established Company

One of the biggest fears people have when dealing with MLMs is delayed payments. At times, the firm may delay the payments or have a system that is not so clear. However, this is not the case with Jerky Direct. The firm operates in an open and transparent manner at all times. Commissions earned by a distributor are generated monthly on the first day. At no time will a person have to wait for the commissions to be processed or released.

MLM can be a good source of extra income. As matter of fact, many people have enjoyed great success with such plans. Nonetheless, in order to enjoy maximum benefit and have peace-of-mind, it is important to deal with a reputable company such as Jerky Direct. The firm has been providing the services for quite a long time. Also, it receives positive reviews and comments from contented customers quite often. A user as well as distributor will rest easy knowing that the products are safe, taste good and have a good reputation. Before joining any MLM company a person should do their research and read many reviews. Do not rely on one persons information when you can get 100′s of reviews and studies on the internet that may help you make a good well-informed decision.