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If you are looking for a collection of articles then an article directory is the place you may want to start with. Often consisting of just about every subject you can think of written in many different styles. This collection of articles can be articles as short as 300 words and going upward of 2 to 3 thousand words. When articles get over the 2 thousand word limit they are often turned into an e-book. For detailed information on e-books CLICK HERE and visit another section of this website that talks about and explains e-books. Do you want to write your own articles? Take a look at Spin Rewriter and see if this can help you. It is a great tool I use to spin an article and then I rewrite that article so it is more readable.

Spinning Articles –┬áIs Spinning A Bad Practice?

Often these article directories have articles mass produced on the same subject but each article is worded differently but still mean the same thing. The days of article directories accepting articles that have been through spinning software are just about over. Usually you can spot an article that has been through spinning software because they are often of poor quality and lack sentences that have meaning or make sense. Spinning software does have its place in making and doing articles but not to the extent of what it once did in the past. The days of taking one well written article and making 100 new and different articles from it just does not pass the quality that most people are willing to accept on their websites.

Those set and forget article spinners are no longer used as they were used in the past and any body that still uses them that way are sure to see their account get banned or put on hold for quality issues. No longer can you get 100 good quality articles from one article. It may be possible to get 10 to 20 articles from one good article but to be an acceptable article you will need to proof read each article and correct and change words and wording. You will also have to add more content in places that come up short on meaning. Another thing you should do is run all of you’re articles through an online service called Copyscape. Copyscape actually searches the Internet for duplicate content and gives you a report back of all the content it finds. You can then compare articles and content. Sometimes reports will come back with 5, 10, and 20 or more articles with duplicate content or parts of duplicate content. Copyscape will give you a percentage and also the actual article that is highlighted showing the parts of content that it analyzes as being duplicate. It is very accurate software and can be relied and trusted on. At the present time thee is only a 5 cent charge to analyze each article. If you have writers writing for you it is a must have tool to run the authors content through. You may uncover a writer that uses/steals other peoples content and try to pass it off to you as original content. This and other working from home tips can help make your job at writing articles much easier.

Submit To High Rank Article Directory

Submitting your articles to high ranking article directories will help in several ways. Usually you can add a couple of links in the article in the article going back to content in an article on your website. Often you will just link to the homepage of your website of similar content. This will bring traffic to your website plus helps the search engines rank your website. As long as you are using high quality original content your back-links will serve as a very positive addition to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Use it in the wrong way can often cause a website to be penalized to the point that it gets delisted.

The key to using article directories is:
1. Quality content
2. Original content
3. Link to like kind content
4. Professional standards
5. Be careful how you use your article for search engine optimization.

Become an expert author or a top rated author that the article directories trust. Your articles will get published a lot faster and they are less likely to be ejected for minor shortfalls. If you produce high quality content for the article directory, everyone wins!

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