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Automatically Change Your Links

The URL rotator is a simple, yet powerful, tool that can help you better track visitor statistics to your web sites. In today’s business world it is important and vital to understand you your visitors are, where they are coming from, and what they are looking for so that you can direct visitors to your web sites to get the maximum benefits of the click. Easy Hits 4U has a built in roatator that you can use as part of their service. 

What Exactly Are URL Rotators?

As the name suggests, the URL rotator is a tool that allow you to test traffic being directed towards multiple sites you own or control. The objective is to get a good idea in terms of the websites that are actually doing better and seeing more traffic. You can then focus your energies accordingly, such as spending more time on revamping websites that are getting less traffic.

For any online marketer, this kind of testing is absolutely crucial. After all, sales, opt-ins, etc. all depend on traffic being generated. And for you to have an accurate idea of the kind of traffic that is coming onto multiple sites, you need to preferably have a single URL that serves as a rotator towards multiple landing pages.

Modes Of Rotation

The rotator works in various modes including weighted (in accordance with traffic), random (somewhat haphazardly choosing to get to a particular landing page), and sequential (simply going from landing page A to landing page B, and so on). As the owner or manager of your online business, it is your prerogative to choose the mode that works best for you. Not sure what the best mode is for your business? Don’t worry; you can simply test each mode to get a feel for what works best for you.

Value Add-ons of URL Rotators

Some rotators have numerous value add-ons of their own. For instance, you can customize the message that is displayed to visitors even if they are coming from the same link. An excellent example of this would be geographically targeted traffic; using the same URL, traffic from one part of the country (or state or city) could be made to see a particular message, or have a certain option in front of them, which would completely unique and different from what visitors from a different location would see.

These rotators also work very well when you want to share traffic with partners. Let’s say you have 3 different partners to your online business. You could proportionately allocate a third of your traffic to each partner. Of course you can divide up the traffic in other ways as well, to suit whatever type of business agreement you have with these partners.

The true value of advertising campaigns you’re running is also ascertained more accurately with the help of URL rotators; let these campaigns have traffic coming onto your websites via a single, monitored URL before being channeled ahead. In doing so, you will have a good idea of the campaigns that are working, as well seeing the ones that may need some fine tuning (or maybe even the ones that need outright scrapping). The URL rotator is clearly a priceless tool when it comes to analyzing online traffic and determining its true worth for your online business.

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